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Alt Ref NoCCA-DCc/ChAnt/D/20
TitleGrant, in pure and perpetual alms
PreviousNumbersI (late 13th c); D 142 (Norris); D 88 (late 19th c)
Date[1173 x 1174]
DescriptionFrom: William de Traci
To: the chapter of Canterbury Cathedral Priory

100s worth ('solidata') of land in Moreton Hampstead, namely Doccombe and the neighbouring lands, so that together they make up the sum ('preficio') of those 100s worth of land. To clothe and feed 1 monk who shall celebrate divine service for the souls of the living and the dead. The grant is also made for his soul and the souls of his predecessors and for the love of St Thomas Becket. [William de Traci/Tracy was one of Becket's murderers.] [Possibly sealed with the seal of St Eufemia's Abbey.] No date. [Date: as in N Vincent's edition, cited below. After the murder and before Henry II's confirmation of the grant. Probably after Becket's canonization on 21 Feb 1173.]

Witnesses: the abbot of St Eufemia's Abbey [Aspromonte, Reggio di Calabria, Italy]; Mgr Ralph Hospital'; Pagan de tiru'; William the clerk; Stephen de pacford'; Pagan de Acford'; Roger the Englishman ('Anglicus'); Godefrey the ribald ('Ribaldus')

Endorsed with descriptions in late 12th and late 13th cent hands and note of registration in late 13th cent hand.
Extent1 doc
Physical DescriptionParchment, 1m, seal, dirty, creased, slightly faded
AccessConditionsPlease use digitised copy
Related MaterialRegistered versions: CCA-DCc-Register/B, f392r, and CCA-DCc-Register/E, f395r
Copy of Henry II's confirmation: CCA-DCc-ChAnt/A/40
Publication NoteTranscribed and discussed in A P Stanley, Historical Memorials of Canterbury Cathedral (11th edition, 1912), note F, pp268-269
Transcribed and discussed in N Vincent, The Murderers of Thomas Becket, in N Fryde and D Reitz, Bischofsmord im Mittelalter Murder of Bishops (Gottingen, 2003), pp234, 248-249 and 266 (as no1)
Noted in Historical Manuscripts Commission Fifth Report (London, 1876), Appendix, p461

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